Average Cost of Probate Attorney in Florida

If you are seeking advice from a probate attorney you are probably wondering what is the average cost of probate attorney. A probate attorney, as with all attorneys, will let you know what it will cost to hire them. There are a couple of different ways that an attorney may be paid, this includes a contingency fee, an hourly rate, or a flat fee. An attorney needs to abide by statutes, case law, and any other rules set forth for attorneys when it comes to charging for services. Some of these come from the rules regulating the Florida Bar.

Rules to Abide By That Affect the Average Cost of Probate Attorney

average cost of probate attorneyAs with any licensed profession, attorneys have many rules that they need to abide by. One set of such rules is detailed in the rules regulating the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar, an official arm of the Supreme Court of Florida, regulates and disciplines attorneys in Florida. One of the rules set forth in the rules regulating the Florida Bar addresses costs of attorneys, and can be used to see what affects the average cost of probate attorney. Rule 4-1.5 sets out some guidelines and factors to be taken into consideration with attorney fees and costs. Let’s take a look at these factors. Rules regulating the Florida Bar state the following in Rule 4-1.5(b)(c) Fees and Costs for Legal Services:

“(b) Factors to Be Considered in Determining Reasonable Fee and Costs.

(1) Factors to be considered as guides in determining a reasonable fee include:

(A) the time and labor required, the novelty, complexity, and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly;

(B) the likelihood that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment by the lawyer;

(C) the fee, or rate of fee, customarily charged in the locality for legal services of a comparable or similar nature;

(D) the significance of, or amount involved in, the subject matter of the representation, the responsibility involved in the representation, and the results obtained;

(E) the time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances and, as between attorney and client, any additional or special time demands or requests of the attorney by the client;

(F) the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client;

(G) the experience, reputation, diligence, and ability of the lawyer or lawyers performing the service and the skill, expertise, or efficiency of effort reflected in the actual providing of such services; and

(H) whether the fee is fixed or contingent, and, if fixed as to amount or rate, then whether the client’s ability to pay rested to any significant degree on the outcome of the representation.

(2) Factors to be considered as guides in determining reasonable costs include:

(A) the nature and extent of the disclosure made to the client about the costs;

(B) whether a specific agreement exists between the lawyer and client as to the costs a client is expected to pay and how a cost is calculated that is charged to a client;

(C) the actual amount charged by third party providers of services to the attorney;

(D) whether specific costs can be identified and allocated to an individual client or a reasonable basis exists to estimate the costs charged;

(E) the reasonable charges for providing in-house service to a client if the cost is an in-house charge for services; and

(F) the relationship and past course of conduct between the lawyer and the client.

All costs are subject to the test of reasonableness set forth in subdivision (a) above. When the parties have a written contract in which the method is established for charging costs, the costs charged thereunder shall be presumed reasonable.

(c) Consideration of All Factors. In determining a reasonable fee, the time devoted to the representation and customary rate of fee need not be the sole or controlling factors. All factors set forth in this rule should be considered, and may be applied, in justification of a fee higher or lower than that which would result from application of only the time and rate factors.” (2018).

As we can see with these factors, these apply to all attorneys. Of course, this includes probate attorneys as well. This is something that is taken into consideration when any attorney, including probate attorneys, decide their fees and costs. As a result, it relates to the average cost of probate attorney. Each and every attorney has many rules and regulations to taken into consideration when figuring out what they are going to charge when providing legal services.

average cost of probate attorneyWhen you meet with an attorney, they will let you know how much it will cost to hire them. An attorney may choose to make an arrangement with you that includes a flat fee or a contingency fee. Sometimes attorneys have an hourly rate that they charge per their services. On occasion, there are different charges that may apply such as cost courts, court filing fees, and other miscellaneous fees that they will let you know about. These costs may be added to what you are already paying. An attorney or their legal staff will explain to you how much legal services will cost. It is understandable that you will want to be fully apprised of what you are expected to pay, and every attorney should always be fully transparent with you about legal costs. There should never be any hidden fees. Remember, it is very difficult to become an attorney, and attorneys devote years of their lives to becoming licensed. In addition, there are strict guidelines that attorneys must adhere to. We can see above that some of the factors that Florida attorneys must adhere to when charging clients for their services.

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