How Much is a Probate Attorney?

If you are looking to hire a probate attorney, you may be wondering, “How much is a probate attorney?” To determine the cost of a probate attorney depends on what legal assistance you may need. The cost may vary depending on what legal care is needed during probate administration. At Bret Jones, P.A we discuss our legal fees with our clients, so that they can make the best decision for their probate needs. There are various considerations when determining how much your probate legal care may cost, including Florida Statutes.

Florida Probate Attorney Fees

Bret Jones Florida Probate Fees

No matter what type of attorney you hire, you either pay a flat fee or an hourly rate. This usually depends on the type of law and the type of legal work you are receiving. How much is a probate attorney? A Florida probate attorney will either work for a flat fee or an hourly rate. The flat fee or hourly rate is dependent on the type of legal work that the probate attorney will be doing. There are some Florida Statutes that set forth appropriate compensation for probate attorneys in certain probate matters. If compensation for a probate attorney is not specified by statute, law firms have discretion to determine their legal fees, as long as they do not contravene rules set forth by the Florida Bar or laws set forth by the State of Florida.

As you may or may not know, the Florida Bar is the governing body of all the attorneys in Florida licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida, this includes Florida probate attorneys. Attorneys belong to the Florida Bar once they have passed the Florida Bar Examination, paid their dues, and been screened and approved by the governing board through an intensive application process. You may have heard of attorney’s speaking of their “bar card”. They are referring to their license to practice law, and the physical bar card they receive once they are licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. Now that you have a basic understanding of how an attorney is licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida and their relationship with the Florida Bar, you can understand how Florida probate attorney fees need to pay heed to any restrictions set forth by the Florida Bar. Of course, the laws of the State of Florida are the ultimate determining factor as well. How much is a probate attorney? Again, it depends on the services required of a probate attorney by a particular client.

Average Cost of a Probate Attorney

The average cost of a probate attorney varies. How much is a probate attorney? Depending on whether the probate attorney is asking for a flat fee or hourly rate will determine the average cost of your legal service. It is entirely up to the probate attorney how they wish to charge clients, but a client will be notified how much a service will cost. Most often, a probate attorney will have a set fee for certain matters. Alternatively, a probate attorney may work for an hourly rate in some matters. Whether or not a probate attorney works for an hourly rate or flat fee depends entirely on the law firm, and that each particular probate fee is in compliance with Florida Statutes. How much is a probate attorney? Each law firm, whether the law firm practices probate law or otherwise, should discuss their legal fees with you prior to working on your particular legal matter.

Attorney Fees for Probate

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As we continue to look at how much is a probate attorney, we see that attorney fees for probate can be determined in a few ways according to Florida Statute 733.6171. Let’s take a deeper look at fees during the probate administration process. Florida Statute 733.6171, is titled, “Compensation of Attorney for the Personal Representative”. According to Fla. Stat. 733.6171(1), “Attorneys for personal representatives shall be entitled to reasonable compensation payable from the estate assets without court order.” When determining the compensation for the probate attorney of the personal representative, the amount can be agreed upon by the those two parties; in addition, anyone who may also be affected by the fee of the probate attorney for purposes of probate administration must also be taken into consideration in case of an objection by that party. As stated in Fla. Stat. 733.6171(2), “The attorney, the personal representative, and persons bearing the impact of the compensation may agree to compensation determined in a different manner than provided in this section. Compensation may also be determined in a different manner than provided in this section if the manner is disclosed to the parties bearing the impact of the compensation and if no objection is made as provided for in the Florida Probate Rules.” The Florida Statute further states what is considered reasonable compensation in detail. For further information regarding what is considered reasonable compensation by law, our team at Bret Jones, P.A. would be glad to discuss it with you.

Flat Fee Probate Attorney

It is possible to hire a probate attorney for a flat fee. A flat fee or a fixed fee, means exactly what it sounds like. A flat fee is a set amount that you give to a probate attorney to help you with your probate law matter. The agreed upon flat fee doesn’t change. It is a set amount that is agreed upon prior to the probate attorney starting work. Usually flat fees are used for simple and straightforward legal procedures. This entirely depends on the particular law firm.

At Bret Jones, P.A., if we agree to a flat fee, we will discuss what this entails. How much is a probate attorney? It depends on the amount that the agreed upon between the client and the law firm. Usually, the flat fee is the same amount for a certain procedure, no matter the client. As stated earlier, each law firm has their own set amounts for different legal procedures. Each law firm should always let a client know the costs associated with a legal procedure prior to beginning the legal work. This is true for law firm for probate attorneys, and law firms that practice other areas of law. It’s always okay to ask a law firm about the cost of their legal services. Never hesitate to do so.

How Much is Probate Attorney? Probate Attorney Fees at Bret Jones, P.A.

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Ultimately, the cost of probate attorney varies greatly depending on the legal need of the client. At Bret Jones, P.A., we discuss our fees with our clients. Of course, we provide free consultations at Bret Jones, P.A. This means that you can discuss your probate law concern with our office for free. During the initial consultation with our law firm, we will discuss our legal fees with you depending on what you require of our firm. We aim to keep our fees fair and reasonable, and cost varies depending on the legal need required by each individual client. If you have any further questions about our legal fees at Bret Jones, P.A. contact our offices. We would be more than happy to speak with you about our current rates for our probate attorneys. Alternatively, you can also schedule a free consultation with our offices and we will discuss our fees with you in person. If you or someone you know is in need of legal assistance with any probate law matter, contact Bret Jones, P.A. Probate law spans many different areas, and we would be more than happy to discuss your probate legal questions with you. As we’ve stated before, we provide free initial consultations at our law office. So, what are you waiting for? If you need any assistance with a probate matter, contact our offices today.