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Why Choose Bret Jones, P.A.?

Probate law comprises a vast number of legal needs and scenarios. Each person and situation is unique. We respect this, and strive to provide the best legal care possible for our clients at Bret Jones, P.A. Knowledgable, Committed, Dependable, and Expedient are some of the words that could be used to describe why you should choose Bret Jones, P.A. for your probate matters. Our law firm continually strives to stay on top of the field. Once of the reasons that we do stay at the top of our game is because we never settle. We don’t want our clients to settle either. We want them to know that they are getting the best legal care possible. We know that you have options when deciding who to hire as your probate attorney. Florida is full of choices, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good choices. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to take care of your probate matters. It is our pleasure to provide stellar care, and that’s what we aim towards. With multiple facets of probate law, from Wills & Trusts to Florida Guardian Designations and more, we are here to offer you the best legal care at Bret Jones, P.A.


At Bret Jones, P.A., we are knowledgable of all the nuances and various matters that comprise probate law. This is due to both our years of study and hands-on experience in probate law. If you need a firm to take care of your probate matters, we are the firm you can count on. We’ve helped numerous clients with all of their probate concerns, making it as pleasant an experience as possible. When you are working with a legal team comprised of attorneys and legal staff that are not only competent, but exceptional in their work in the probate realm, any hassle associated with your probate matters will lessen. We know what we’re doing when it comes to probate law. At Bret Jones, P.A., choose us as your probate attorney. Florida probate law is something we are well-versed in, and we always stay apprised of any changes in the field.

Any law is fluid in nature. This means that laws can change overtime. An important factor to consider when choosing a firm is whether or not that firm appears to be “set in its ways” or able to change with the coming tide. As essential component to staying knowledgeable in any legal field is staying on top of any changes in the law. This is the same for probate law. At Bret Jones, P.A., we understand that the law is a living and breathing thing. It is important to understand not only the statutes themselves, but the court’s interpretation of those statutes. Probate law, similar to other areas of law, is complex and varied. There are numerous factors that need to be considered even for seemingly easy tasks. If you choose to take one action, it is important to have an attorney that will be able to describe the likely outcome of that action. The same can be said of inaction.

You need an attorney that can decipher when you should and should not act. Candor is essential in this, and at Bret Jones, P.A. that is what we will do as your probate attorney. Florida probate law requires attention to detail. Whether you dealing with questions about a Florida Health Care Surrogate, Power of Attorney, or Florida Estate Planning, we have the answers. We are proud of our knowledgeable legal team of probate attorneys and legal staff.


We are strategic in all your probate matters; your money and time are important. In addition,  knowing that you matter as an individual is also important. You should have a law firm that understands your importance as an individual, not as a dollar sign. In today’s legal world, it can be hard to find a law firm that actually cares about you as an individual. This means being committed to you as a client, and fulfilling your needs. At Bret Jones, P.A., we are committed to our clients. We want our clients to understand that they are not just a dollar sign to us. We are committed to seeing our clients achieve their desired outcome. You deserve quality legal care. Let us be your probate attorney. Florida probate law is one of the legal fields in which we excel. We are committed to showcasing that each our of clients are important to us no matter how large or small the probate matter may be. If you need assistance in drafting a will or want guidance about a Power of Attorney, you can rest easy with us. Each and every probate matter is important.

At Bret Jones, P.A., we have commitment to a value system that seems to be lacking in a lot of other businesses and law firms worldwide. The value system we possess encourages the utmost candor and care to our clients. When it comes to probate law, there can be times when our clients may have difficult choices to make. Whether you are making final decisions dealing with a will or trust, the task of ironing out details for Florida Guardian Designations, or need help with Florida Probate Administration, Bret Jones, P.A. is committed to providing the utmost legal care.


Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want something done, do it yourself?” It can be a very disheartening and disappointing statement, but it can turn into a true fact that often times the world works in this way. If you want to make sure that something gets done, you have to do it yourself in some areas of life. However, you should not have this mindset once you have hired a law firm. Once you have hired us at Bret Jones, P.A., you can rest easy knowing that your probate matters will be managed appropriately. Whether you have come to us for Florida Estate Planning or Florida Probate Administration, you won’t have to check up on everything to make sure that every step is taken care of in your particular situation. We pride ourselves on being dependable. You can depend on Bret Jones, P.A. as your probate attorney in Florida and particularly Central Florida, our own backyard.

Being dependable is something that is an essential character trait of our law firm. When you hire a law firm, you shouldn’t have to second guess whether or not you can depend on the firm. There shouldn’t be a question of whether or not matters dealing with your probate situation are attended to and cared for appropriately. Don’t compromise dependability and quality legal care in probate law. Hire Bret Jones, P.A. as your probate attorney. Florida sunshine is something you can depend on, and your probate attorney is another thing that should be unquestionably dependable. At Bret Jones, P.A., let us help you in your probate matters.

Expeditious in Words & Action

No one wants to be near someone who likes to hear themselves talk. It can be cumbersome and tedious. Legal terminology can be difficult already, and it doesn’t help to hear someone repeat themselves. Often times, most of us want to hear those people get to the point. We may need examples to paint the picture along the way, but none of us have the time nor the patience to waste it on people who enjoy hearing themselves talk. At Bret Jones, P.A., we are straightforward about your probate matters. We want to make sure that our clients understand the probate process, and that every question is answered succinctly and thoroughly. Probate may be difficult to understand at first, and you may or may not get a grasp of it. Living wills, Probate Administration, Florida Guardian Designations, Power of Attorney, Trusts, Florida Estate Planning, you name it – if it has something to do with probate law, it can be difficult to comprehend. Don’t underestimate yourself if you don’t understand it. At Bret Jones, P.A., we went through years of school to get to where we are, and we don’t expect our clients to understand the complexities of probate law. That’s why you come to us. Nevertheless, we are able to explain what is going on, so that you can make the informed decision that you need to in your probate matters. That means that we are knowledgeable enough in probate law that we can break it down for you. We can explain probate matters to our clients expeditiously and get to the point. We went through the years of study and experience so that we can get to the point when explaining probate law to you. We are expedient in our words. Your time is precious.

When it comes to actions, expediency is also important. We are also expeditious in our actions. When you need something done, we do our utmost to get it done as expeditiously as possible. Although probate law may not appear to have the same urgency as some other areas of law, this is an illusion. Usually when our clients come to us, they need help as soon as possible. We respect the fact that you have chosen our firm to help you draft your will, make decisions about a Power of Attorney, decipher the Florida Estate Planning, or assist in Florida Probate Administration. We won’t make you wait around to see results. Choose Bret Jones, P.A. as your probate attorney. Florida probate law us multifaceted, and you can count on us with any of your probate concerns.

You don’t have to worry about making sure your probate matter is on the forefront of our minds. We give each and every client the attention they deserve. This means ensuring that every action that is needed for their probate matter is done expeditiously. We won’t wait until the last minute to take care of a matter for you. You don’t have to give us a call to remind us that you have an important date coming up. It is the pleasure of our legal team, both our attorneys and legal staff, to ensure that each of our clients achieve their desired outcome.

Contact Bret Jones, P.A. for your all your Probate Needs

Whether it is Wills & Trusts, Florida Estate Planning, Florida Health Care Surrogate concerns, or Florida Probate Administration needs, if it is anything to do with probate law, we can help you. We pride ourselves on the quality service that we provide to our clients. We care about your legal experience. You’re not just a dollar sign to us. You’re a person with specific needs and we want to see that those needs are met.

If you need to further discuss any probate concerns that you have, contact us at Bret Jones, P.A. to speak with a probate attorney. Florida law can be complex, and probate is a legal field that is full of nuances and complexities. Knowledgeable, Committed, Dependable, and Expedient are just some of the words used to describe our law firm. We want to make your legal experience as smooth as possible. You shouldn’t have to compromise quality legal service, especially when it comes to getting a probate attorney. Florida law shouldn’t worry you, that is why you hire a stellar law firm like Bret Jones, P.A. It is our pleasure to do everything in our power to make your experience with probate easy. We know there are many things that we can’t control in life, but hiring an effective law firm is one thing you can control. This can make the world of a difference, especially when you don’t want to worry about your probate matters. Come to Bret Jones, P.A. to talk to a probate attorney. Florida probate matters are a passion for us. We care deeply about our clients, and we want you to have the best probate experience possible. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices about your probate matters. Reach out to us today.


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