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Figuring out how to pay a probate attorney may be something on the forefront of your mind if you need to hire one. It shouldn’t deter you or make you worried. A probate attorney may decide to have a payment arrangement with you on a flat fee. Probate attorneys can make arrangements for payment with their clients as long as they don’t contravene any statutes, rules, or case law set forth regarding pay arrangements. What is a flat fee? What are some situations in probate where a flat fee pay arrangement is likely to be used? Let’s take a further look into flat fee, probate attorneys, and more.

What does a Probate Attorney Do?

flat fee probate attorneyYou may be wondering what a probate attorney does. What are some of the things that a probate attorney may do for a client? Commonly, a probate attorney assists during probate administration. Probate administration occurs after a person (decedent) has passed away. When the decedent passes away, their remaining assets, debts, and the general winding up of affairs must be addressed. There are many people who are involved during probate administration. For instance, there are creditors of the decedent, beneficiaries, the personal representative, and more. These people may need the legal assistance of a probate attorney. A beneficiary may have questions regarding the validity of a will. If this is the case, then they will likely need to speak with a probate attorney. If a creditor is owed money from the decedent, then they may also have questions to ask a probate attorney. Most often, a personal representative will need assistance from a probate attorney. There are many legal requirements that need to be followed by personal representatives during administration. With the assistance of a probate attorney, a personal representative will be able to rest assured that they have followed any necessary legal requirements as a personal representative.

With all the ways in which a probate attorney helps these people, it is possible that a payment arrangement can be made that includes a flat fee. Probate attorneys help a number of different people in many ways. Often times, depending on the complexity of a legal issue, a probate attorney may be able to work for a flat fee. Probate attorneys can work for hourly rates or flat fees. What is a flat fee?

What is a Flat Fee?

flat fee probate attorneyYou may have heard a flat fee called a fixed fee. A flat fee, or fixed fee, refers to a set amount that you are charged for a service. This set amount is what you pay your attorney for the legal services that they provide to you. In probate law, this flat fee is the amount that a probate attorney would charge you for their legal services. This agreed upon amount will not change, it is a set amount that you and your attorney agree to before the attorney begins working for you. Often times, you will see flat fee or fixed fee pay arrangements made for legal procedures that are simple and straightforward. Usually an amount is specific to each legal procedure and it can vary from legal firm to legal firm. On some occasions, probate attorneys do agree to charge clients a flat fee. Probate attorneys may use flat fees for different matters in probate law.

When are Flat Fees used in Probate?

Flat fees may often be used in probate during certain common and straightforward legal matters in probate law. For instance, if a personal representative or a beneficiary needs specific legal advice during probate administration, a probate attorney may decide to charge a flat fee. As stated before, usually flat fees are used during straightforward and basic legal procedures. Sometimes attorneys will charge flat fees rather than hourly rates for simple legal procedures because it makes everything easier for both the attorney and the client to charge a flat fee. Probate attorneys can help you in a number of ways, so remember that flat fees as well as hourly rates are possible in probate law.

If You Have Probate Law Questions, Ask a Probate Attorney

flat fee probate attorneyIt’s important to remember that if you have a legal question, then you should ask an attorney. Never think that any question or concern isn’t important or serious enough to be answered. The world of probate law can be very confusing. It takes attorneys years of study to become what they are. If you don’t understand an area of probate law that affects you, then ask a probate attorney. Don’t think for one moment that a question isn’t important enough to be answered. More importantly, don’t worry about asking a question that may seem silly. There are no silly questions.

Secondly, remember that an attorney must be let you know how much they charge for their services. If you need legal assistance, then an attorney must clearly and specifically tell you how much it will cost to hire them for their services. Each and every attorney must tell you very clearly what you can expect to pay if you are to hire them for their services. Don’t hesitate to reach out because you are unsure of costs. Reach out to find out what types of legal costs you are looking at for particular legal assistance. Remember, many attorneys can come to a payment arrangement with you if you only need assistance in a specific area. It is up to the attorney to work out a payment arrangement with you that is either a flat fee or an hourly rate. Certain legal firms often have set rates for certain types of legal assistance. This includes probate attorneys. Find a probate attorney that can help you with your probate law matter, and ask them how much you will likely be expected to pay for their services.

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